Donor Recognition Awards Program

All donors in the Sunshine CFC, Zone 022, are entitled to receive a specially designed Limited Edition CFC-2017, ShowSomeLove Lapel Pin.
Please see your local CFC Campaign Manager for details on how YOU can secure your lapel pin TODAY! (While supplies last)

Donors in the Sunshine CFC, Zone 022, contributing over $1,000.00 in an annual contribution, either by check, credit card, or payroll deduction are entitled to receive a choice of any one of the following Eagle Giver Awards.

Double headed Eagle Trophy

Resin, bronze-toned. Stands 10” tall by 3.5” wide and sits on a black squared base.

(These Double Headed Eagles are limited quantity and will not be back ordered.
Once all have been issued they are NOT being replaced.)

Patriotic Diamond Eagle Plaque

Measures 8 1/4 wide x 6" high. It features an eagle with American flag behind it. It can be hung or stood up with the screw on stand.

(These Patriotic Diamond Eagles are NOT in stock and are being order after the campaign has closed. This will allow us the ability to fill the request and NOT over-stock inventory. We hope you share in our desire efforts to help reduce waste and send more money to the charities which you support must.)

To request your gift, please complete your request form: (CLICK HERE)